Alright so—I’ve got to make a phone call, but after that I think I’m going to eat lunch then take a short nap before I go out to shop? Depends on the time. I may just go to the cemetery, too. My neighbor’s finally moved out of the apartment, so a lot more spots are available for parking; I can do more things now that they are gone.

Replies will be done/worked on steadily.

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sola--cordis asked: takes your charlotte tbh

"Now, wait just a moment!
    You set her down.
She is my test subject!"

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Anonymous asked: [atragicalhistory] I, erm... /appreciate/ your effort in ensuring my safety. I'll wait until you give the word, not that I would ever trespass in another's workspace without discretion! While with my servant, I may be able to reattach body parts and cure disease and whatnot, but I'd still rather not go through the pain.

"You sound absolutely worried.

And why would you need a servant to restore your own limbs? Surely I could do just a good, if not better--I have many regenerative substances, as well as needles with thread, if you prefer that.

   Why, I could cure any malicious malady that falls upon you.

Humans are a relatively simple bunch...I do not have any trouble working with them, all thanks to my long hours of toil. If anything perchance to happen to you in my laboratories, there's always a fix for such."

A turn on his heel, and the Shinigami glanced at Faust briefly.

"Good-day, Doctor. See you when the time arrives."

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Anonymous asked: [atragicalhistory] You've mentioned once before that I may take some scholarly delight in that laboratory of yours. Is this still an open invitation? I'd hate to dismiss an educational opportunity from a potential new friend.

"You might," Mayuri gave a bit of a hateful grumble as he looked upon such a tiny doctor. "It is indeed still open--however! I do believe if you wish to wander so freely in my laboratories, I should disable at least half of the death traps I have set on a regular basis. For you to step unsuspectingly within a maw of one of my security insects and lose a foot seconds later only to have it infect the rest of your body with a flesh-eating disease doesn't sound like the best hospitality I could offer you! Or for you to wander in on spike traps that activate via pressure plates--oh, and the maze hall function! Killing a man of science such as yourself doesn't seem polite of me...

If you are patient, I shall tell you when it safe to come and gaze upon my most excellent works."

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organdoom asked: "Talk about our relationship, will you?" :)



                    The thought is intriguing is it not? For she despises everyone and he is of
           the same miserable accord—— yet somewhere in the heaps of their disdain-ridden
           hearts they have come to love tolerate one another. It’s almost easier to give no
           explanation than to try and reason on what defies all odds, but for him she will
           speak. Of course she will.

                                                                       ”Our relationship? Don’t tell me
                                                                        you’ve grown sentimental, Mayuri.”

                   The scoffing is only a light scathe, for the truth is ( as much as she hates to
           say ) is that perhaps she, too, has grown attached where she ought not ( and
           against her own rules, to say the least ). But he is a Captainthey being on the
           same level— and she holds her colleagues to higher esteem than the disgusting
           parasites that cling to her heel begging for strength only to fall short once effort
           is made.

                                                                       ”Our relationship is simple. We work
                                                                        together for the good of Soul Society.
                                                                        I can stand you, and you can endure me.
                                                                        It’s not our fault that everyone else is so
                                                                        mediocre in personality, is it?”

                    Oh but that wasn’t all now, was it? No. They both knew it, as the palpitations
          radiating from their throats each time their vicinity closed in on the other had made it
          quite evident. The closest to purity either of them had ever grasped, and oh how
          heavily it was tainted. So she dips her fingers in the blood pooling on his stomach
          ( just a light incision— she allowed him to use her torture devices, was it not only fair
          he allowed her to practice with a scalpel? ) and traces it up to his neck in a beautiful
          crimson zigzag. Chevrons. How lovely they look on his skin. 

                                                                        “This is normal”— reassurance
                                                                                 ”Completely normal.”

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kiraahachi asked: Mayuri... How would you describe our relationship?

Ask my muse questions about
their relationship with another character.

A smile creased upon his painted lips,
and Mayuri looked at that dear little
bee. His expression, as eldritch as it
could have been,      managed just the
tiniest bit of emotion, a glimmer that
had appeared in his gleaming eyes for
just a quick moment, a smile that then
briefly flashed, lighting up his face
in not a horrific manner, but a rather
         lovely manner.

"What we have is hard to describe, I
personally believe, my dear. What is
tangible--there are two f r i e n d s,
and they are very close. Of course, they
all have what concerns them the most--
a place where their  H E A R T  lies...
But, being friends, sometimes, they take
said heart--
plucking it from within,
             and they hang it up
                         in the other's cavity.

In their sicknesses, in their absurdities,
they are able to find comfort and solace,
whereas, in the years before, both of them
were subjected to the nearly undesirable.

Yet, together, they manage to get lost.
It's childish and it's feverish, but that
is such when it comes to one's emotions.



Emotions are a disease, my dear.

Pulses quicken, faces redden, stomachs knot.

I do believe that we a both sick...Terribly,
terribly sick. If only such a thing were so
easy to pin down, and put up upon slides for
examination under a microscope. However, those
chemicals I have yet to study myself. Is that
not sorrowful--?

     We are friends, nothing more.
But it goes beyond such, to the point where
      it is unrecognizable."

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